Bowen University School Fees

Understanding the school fees structure and having answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Bowen University’s fees is crucial for both prospective and current students.

In this blog post, we provide a comprehensive guide to Bowen University’s school fees, along with answers to common questions, helping you plan your finances effectively.

Bowen University School Fees for Freshers

1 Accounting & Finance ₦937,400
2 Architecture ₦760,000
3 Agricultural Extension and Social Engineering ₦682,900
4 Agricultural Science ₦726,900
5 Anatomy ₦907,400
6 Biochemistry ₦939,400
7 Business Administration ₦897,400
8 Chemistry ₦790,900
9 Communication Arts ₦897,000
10 Computer Science ₦1,010,000
11 Cyber Security ₦1,010,000
12 Economics ₦897,400
13 Electrical and Electronics ₦1,010,000
14 English ₦897,000
15 Food Science & Technology ₦748,900
16 History and International Studies ₦897,000
17 Industrial Chemistry ₦919,400
18 Industrial Relations & Personnel Management ₦897,400
19 Information Technology ₦910,000
20 International Relations ₦897,400
21 Law ₦1,609,000
22 Mass Communications ₦937,400
23 Mathematics ₦770,900
24 Mechatronics ₦1,010,000
25 Medical Laboratory Science ₦1,310,400
26 Medicine and Surgery ₦3,510,000
27 Microbiology ₦939,400
28 Music ₦770,900
29 Nursing and Nursing Science ₦1,266,900
30 Nutrition & Dietetics ₦704,900
31 Physics and Solar Energy ₦897,400
32 Physiology ₦907,400
33 Physiotheraphy ₦1,129,500
34 Politics and Law ₦1,110,000
35 Political Science ₦937,400
36 Public Health ₦977,400
37 Pure & Applied Biology ₦770,900
38 Religious Studies ₦495,900
39 Sociology ₦897,400
40 Software Engineering ₦1,010,000
41 Statistics ₦770,900
42 Surveying and Geo-Informatics ₦710,000
43 Theatre Arts ₦770,900

Q: What does Bowen University’s school fees include?

A: Bowen University’s school fees generally cover tuition fees, accommodation fees, registration fees, library fees, examination fees, and other necessary charges. Additional costs for textbooks, stationery, and personal expenses are not usually included and should be budgeted separately.

Q: Are there payment options or installments available for school fees?

A: Bowen University may provide payment options or installments for school fees. It is advisable to consult the finance department or the official website for details on available payment plans and deadlines.

Q: Does Bowen University offer scholarships or financial aid?

A: Yes, Bowen University offers scholarships and financial aid opportunities to exceptional and deserving students. The criteria for scholarships and financial aid may vary, so it is recommended to check the university’s official website or contact the relevant department for more information.

Q: Are there penalties for late payment or non-payment of school fees?

A: Bowen University may impose penalties for late payment or non-payment of school fees. These penalties may include late payment fees, restriction from accessing certain university services, or withholding of examination results. It is crucial to adhere to the specified payment deadlines to avoid any negative consequences.

Q: How can I contact Bowen University’s finance department for fee-related inquiries?

A: For fee-related inquiries, you can contact Bowen University’s finance department through the contact information provided on the university’s official website. They will be able to assist you with any specific queries regarding school fees.


Understanding the school fees structure and having clarity on frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Bowen University’s fees is essential for students and their families.

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