Crawford University School Fees for All Courses

When considering pursuing higher education at Crawford University, understanding the school fees for different courses is essential for financial planning.

This blog post aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide on Crawford University’s school fees for all courses, along with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

By gaining insights into the school fees structure and addressing common queries, you can make informed decisions regarding your academic journey at Crawford University.

Crawford University School Fees for All Courses

Here’s a general overview of the school fees for different programs:

  1. College of Business and Social Sciences:
  • Accounting: NGN 365,000 per session
  • Banking and Finance: NGN 365,000 per session
  • Business Administration: NGN 365,000 per session
  • Economics: NGN 365,000 per session
  • International Relations: NGN 365,000 per session
  • Marketing: NGN 365,000 per session
  • Political Science: NGN 365,000 per session
  • Sociology: NGN 365,000 per session
  1. College of Natural and Applied Sciences:
  • Biochemistry: NGN 385,000 per session
  • Computer Science: NGN 385,000 per session
  • Microbiology: NGN 385,000 per session
  • Industrial Chemistry: NGN 385,000 per session
  • Industrial Mathematics: NGN 385,000 per session
  • Physics with Electronics: NGN 385,000 per session
  1. College of Arts and Communication:
  • Mass Communication: NGN 365,000 per session
  • English Language: NGN 365,000 per session
  • Performing Arts: NGN 365,000 per session
  1. College of Environmental Sciences:
  • Architecture: NGN 400,000 per session
  • Estate Management: NGN 365,000 per session
  • Quantity Surveying: NGN 365,000 per session
  • Urban and Regional Planning: NGN 365,000 per session

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Crawford University School Fees

1. Are the school fees at Crawford University the same for all levels (100-400)?

  • No, the school fees may vary depending on the level of study. Generally, higher levels may attract slightly higher fees due to additional academic resources and program-specific requirements. It’s advisable to check the official Crawford University website for the specific school fees structure for each level.

2. Are there scholarships or financial aid options available at Crawford University?

  • Yes, Crawford University offers scholarships and financial aid to outstanding students based on merit. The university provides various scholarship programs, grants, and bursaries to support students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievements and financial need.

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