How To Become Opay Aggregator

How to become opay aggregator: Becoming opay aggregator is one of the most lucrative businesses right now in Nigeria.

POS Machine demand is very high and as an aggregator, you can help business owners get opay POS Machine and earn a commission.

Benefits of becoming Opay Aggregator

As a sub-Aggregator, you can do anything an Aggregator can do

  1. You can get POS for the agent directly from the office (at company price)

  2. You earn a commission on every Transaction your agents make

3: you have your own AGGREGATOR CODE that you can give to anyone that wants to get POS
4. And lots more Requirements for pay sub aggregators registration

How To Become Opay Aggregator

Kindly send the following details here

First name
Middle name
Email address (active one)
Phone number
State of residence
The local government of residence

Valid ID card (any national id card, voter’s card, driver’s license, or international passport)
Picture of your shop/office
Utility bill (not older than 6 months)
CAC certificate (optional)

Contact me on WhatsApp at 08149120863

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