List Of Fake Loan Apps In Nigeria

List of fake loan apps in Nigeria: list of popular fake loan apps in Nigeria. Day after Day cases of getting scams from online loan apps keep increasing.

To avoid getting scammed by fake loan apps, in this article I will list 10 popular fake loan apps in Nigeria.

In case, I’m not aware of some fake loan apps, I will explain how to dictate fake Loan apps in Nigeria.

How To Dictate Fake loan App In Nigeria

• Google play store Reviews.

Before downloading any loan app. Check out reviews Given from the Google play store, if many people complain about the app. Stày away it’s fake.

• Official Website

The fake loan app doesn’t have an official website, their website looks like a phishing link website.

• Official Facebook page

The fake loan app doesn’t have official social media handles, if you can find any loan app with official social media handles it’s fake.

• Operation License.

Any legal loan app is supposed to have a license from CBN, any Loan that p doesn’t have an official license it’s fake.

List of Fake loan app in Nigeria

• ChaCha
• Easy Moni
• EasyCredit
• GoCash
• Here4U
• Kashkash
• Maxi Credit
• Okash
• SoftPay
• Sokoloan
• Speedy Choice

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