NNPC Salary structure And Allowance

If you’re considering a career with the Nigerian National Corporation (NNPC), you might want to know more about their salary structure.

The NNPC is a complex and vast organization, divided into separate departments. Within each department, the structure of salaries will be slightly different.

Generally, the NNPC pays its employees through an approach known as the consolidated pay scale, with a total of 24 salary grades, each divided into different income levels.

The higher grades are further divided into positions and ranks. For example, the highest grade of salary grade 24 is divided into a supervisory rank and a non-supervisory rank.

Within grade 23, the positions are divided into five levels, with the highest level being Grade 23.

The NNPC has a range of different positions and salary levels and compensation will depend on the experience and qualifications of the individual.

NNPC salary structure

For example, the lower grade in each pay scale tends to offer a base rate of around N130,000, plus allowances and benefits.

For those with higher qualifications, the earning potential can be much higher.

Entry-level NNPC Staff Salary

The NNPC entry-level salary range from N130,000 – N150,000 monthly.

NNPC Senior Level Salary

The NNPC Senior Level Salary range from N500,000 – N800,000 monthly.

NNPC salary for Doctors

The NNPC salary for doctor range from N133,000 – N170,000

NNPC salary For Engineers

The NNPC engineer’s salary ranges from N200,000 – N250,000 monthly.

NNPC Allowance

The NNPC also pays its employees an additional allowance, called the Special Duty Allowance. This allowance is designed to compensate employees for the special duties they may undertake, such as training and continuous learning.

Generally, this allowance is only paid to employees who have been promoted to a higher position or who have undertaken additional training.

The NNPC is also known for its generous leave benefits. Employees are eligible to receive up to 25 days of paid leave each year and up to five days of compassionate leave, should they need it.

In summary, the NNPC has a complex salary structure that takes into consideration qualifications, rank, and experience when determining an employee’s salary. With a competitive salary and generous benefits, the NNPC may be a great career choice for many.

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