Teachers’ Salaries in Plateau State

In Plateau State, Nigeria, the salaries of teachers play a vital role in determining the quality of education.

In this article aims to shed light on the salary structure for teachers in Plateau State, providing detailed information about the various levels and answering some frequently asked questions related to teacher salaries.

• Graduate Assistant Teachers

Graduate Assistant Teachers in Plateau State earn an average monthly salary of ₦25,000 to ₦30,000.

• Junior Secondary School Teachers

Junior Secondary School Teachers, with a qualification of Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE), receive a monthly salary ranging from ₦30,000 to ₦35,000.

• Senior Secondary School Teachers

Senior Secondary School Teachers holding a Bachelor’s degree in Education (B.Ed) or a related field earn a monthly salary between ₦35,000 and ₦40,000.

• Principal/Head Teacher

Principals or Head Teachers of primary and secondary schools receive a monthly salary in the range of ₦45,000 to ₦60,000, depending on the school’s size and location.


How often are teachers’ salaries paid in Plateau State?

In Plateau State, teachers’ salaries are usually paid on a monthly basis. The payment is made directly into the teachers’ bank accounts.

Are there any additional allowances for teachers in Plateau State?

Yes, teachers in Plateau State may receive additional allowances such as housing allowance, transport allowance, and rural posting allowance, depending on their level and location.

Do teachers in Plateau State receive pension benefits?

Yes, teachers in Plateau State are entitled to pension benefits. Upon retirement, they can access their pension funds to support their livelihood.

Are there any salary increments for teachers in Plateau State?

Salary increments for teachers in Plateau State are subject to periodic reviews by the government. These increments are typically based on factors such as years of service, level of qualification, and overall economic conditions.

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