University of Ilorin cut off mark || Uniillorin cut off mark for all courses

The University of Ilorin (UniIlorin) is a highly esteemed institution in Nigeria, known for its academic excellence and rigorous admission process. Understanding the cut-off marks for various courses is crucial for aspiring students.

In this blog post, we provide you with a comprehensive guide to UniIlorin’s cut-off marks for all courses, along with frequently asked questions to help you navigate the admission process successfully.

UniIlorin Cut Off Mark for All Courses

The cut-off mark is the minimum score required by candidates in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) to be eligible for admission into UniIlorin. The following are the approximate cut-off marks for some popular courses offered at UniIlorin:

  1. Medicine: The cut-off mark for Medicine and Surgery is usually high, ranging between 240 and 260, depending on the competition and the year.

  2. Law: The cut-off mark for Law is typically around 240 to 250, depending on the year and the number of applicants.

  3. Engineering: Various engineering courses, such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, generally have cut-off marks ranging from 220 to 240.

  4. Social Sciences: Courses like Economics, Political Science, and Sociology often have cut-off marks ranging from 220 to 240.

  5. Management Sciences: Courses in the Management Sciences, such as Accounting, Business Administration, and Finance, usually have cut-off marks ranging from 220 to 240.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Are there different cut-off marks for indigenes and non-indigenes?

A1: UniIlorin does not have different cut-off marks for indigenes and non-indigenes. The cut-off marks are usually uniform for all candidates applying for the same course.

Q2: What if I do not meet the cut-off mark for my preferred course?

A2: If you do not meet the cut-off mark for your preferred course, you may still have the opportunity to be considered for admission into another course with a lower cut-off mark. UniIlorin sometimes offers candidates alternative courses based on their performance and the availability of slots.

Q3: Can I gain admission into UniIlorin with a score below the cut-off mark?

A3: It is highly unlikely to gain admission into UniIlorin with a score below the cut-off mark. The cut-off mark serves as a minimum requirement, and candidates with scores below the specified cut-off mark are usually not considered for admission.

Q4: Can the cut-off marks change after the release of the UTME results?

A4: The cut-off marks are determined by the university’s admission committee and are usually set before the release of the UTME results. However, in exceptional cases or due to unforeseen circumstances, there may be slight adjustments to the cut-off marks. It is advisable to stay updated by visiting the official UniIlorin website or contacting the admission office for any updates or changes.

Q5: Are there any additional requirements besides the cut-off mark for admission into UniIlorin?

A5: Yes, besides meeting the cut-off mark, candidates must also satisfy other admission requirements, such as obtaining the required O’level results and meeting specific departmental

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