10 Richest Musicians in Ghana 2023

Ghana’s music industry is known for its rich and diverse talent, and many musicians have achieved great success both within the country and internationally.

In this article, we will explore the lives and achievements of the ten richest musicians in Ghana.

From their musical careers to their business ventures, we will delve into what makes them the top earners in the Ghanaian music scene.

10 Richest Musicians in Ghana

  1. Sarkodie

Sarkodie, born Michael Owusu Addo, is considered one of Ghana’s most successful musicians. With numerous awards and hit songs, he has built a strong fan base both in Ghana and across Africa. Sarkodie has also ventured into entrepreneurship, with his clothing line, Sark by Yas, and his own record label, SarkCess Music.

  1. Shatta Wale

Known for his energetic stage performances and catchy dancehall tunes, Shatta Wale, born Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr., has gained immense popularity in Ghana. He has released numerous albums and won several awards. Apart from music, Shatta Wale has business interests in real estate and owns his own media company, Shatta Movement Empire.

  1. Stonebwoy

Stonebwoy, born Livingstone Etse Satekla, is a reggae and dancehall artist who has achieved significant success in the Ghanaian music industry. He has won several awards, including the prestigious BET Award for Best International Act (Africa). Stonebwoy is also involved in philanthropy and has established the Livingstone Foundation to support various social causes.

  1. Becca

Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong, known as Becca, is a renowned Ghanaian singer-songwriter. She has released multiple albums and collaborated with various international artists. Becca is also a successful entrepreneur with her own beauty brand, Kora Spa.

  1. R2Bees

R2Bees is a Ghanaian music duo consisting of Faisal Hakeem and Rashid Mugeez. They are known for their unique blend of hip-hop and highlife music. R2Bees has released several hit songs and won numerous awards. They are also the founders of the record label R2Bees Entertainment.

  1. D-Black

Born Desmond Kwesi Blackmore, D-Black is a Ghanaian hip-hop and Afrobeats artist. He has released successful albums and collaborated with both local and international artists. D-Black is also involved in entrepreneurship, with ventures in the fashion and nightlife industries.

  1. Efya

Jane Awindor, popularly known as Efya, is a talented Ghanaian singer and songwriter. Her soulful voice and captivating performances have earned her a solid fan base. Efya has won several awards and has been featured on various international platforms, showcasing her talent to a global audience.

  1. Kwesi Arthur

Kwesi Arthur is a rising star in the Ghanaian music industry. Known for his unique style and introspective lyrics, he has quickly gained popularity with his hit songs. Kwesi Arthur has been recognized with multiple awards and nominations for his contributions to the music scene.

  1. Medikal

Medikal, born Samuel Adu Frimpong, is a rapper and hip-hop artist who has made a name for himself in the Ghanaian music industry. Known for his witty wordplay and infectious beats, Medikal has released several successful albums and mixtapes. He has collaborated with various artists, both within Ghana and internationally, further expanding his reach and fanbase.

  1. Kuami Eugene

Kuami Eugene, born Eugene Marfo, is a talented singer, songwriter, and producer. He rose to fame after winning the MTN Hitmaker reality show in 2015. Kuami Eugene’s unique blend of highlife and Afrobeat has garnered him a massive following. He has released multiple hit songs and won several awards, including the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Artist of the Year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Richest Musicians in Ghana:

Q1: How do these musicians earn their wealth?

A1: These musicians accumulate wealth through various streams, including music sales, streaming royalties, live performances, brand endorsements, merchandise sales, and business ventures outside of music.

Q2: Are these musicians only successful in Ghana?

A2: While these musicians have gained immense popularity in Ghana, many of them have also achieved recognition and success beyond the country’s borders. They have performed in other African countries, collaborated with international artists, and gained international fan bases.

Q3: Are there any female musicians among the top earners?

A3: Yes, Becca and Efya are two notable female musicians who have achieved both commercial success and critical acclaim in the Ghanaian music industry. They have made significant contributions to the industry and continue to inspire aspiring female artists.

Q4: Do these musicians give back to society?

A4: Many of these musicians are involved in philanthropic activities and social causes. They use their platforms and resources to support initiatives such as education, healthcare, youth empowerment, and poverty alleviation. Their contributions help make a positive impact on society.

Q5: Are there any up-and-coming musicians who might join this list in the future?

A5: The Ghanaian music industry is dynamic and ever-evolving, with new talents emerging regularly. While it’s challenging to predict the future, there are promising young artists such as Kwesi Arthur and Kuami Eugene, who have shown great potential and could rise to become top earners in the coming years.


The Ghanaian music industry boasts a wealth of talent, and these ten musicians have proven their prowess both artistically and commercially. Through their exceptional music, entrepreneurial ventures, and dedication to their craft, they have secured their positions as the richest musicians in Ghana. Their success stories serve as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and demonstrate the potential for achieving great heights in the music industry.

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