Nigerian Custom Service Salary Structure And Ranks

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) is a federal organization responsible for the protection of Nigerian borders and the regulation of imported and exported goods.

Nigeria Customs enforces compliance with advisory tariffs and is responsible for the efficient collection of Customs duties, levies, and other taxes.

The NCS is a major source of revenue for the Nigerian government.

The NCS has an organized rank structure with corresponding salary scales for employees, depending on the rank and salary grade level.

Nigerian Custom service Ranks

There are six main custom ranks, with salary grades that reflect the physical or procedural skills required to carry out the job.

The six main custom ranks are

• Comptroller-General
• Deputy Comptroller-General
• Assistant Comptroller-General
• Chief Superintendent
• Superintendent
• Assistant Superintendent.

Nigerian Custom service Salary Structure

The salary grade SC2 and above (Comptroller-General and Deputy Comptroller-General) involve the highest levels of responsibility and decision-making.

The corresponding pay scale is usually very lucrative.

At the lower end, the positions of Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, and Chief Superintendent have an associated salary grade of SC7, SC8, and SC9 respectively.

Custom Comptroller-General Salary

Salary for the Comptroller-General is expected to range from N2,636,233 to N4,723,672 per month,

Custom Deputy Comptroller-General salary

the DeputyComptroller-General’sl salary starts from N2,265,478 – N3,800,797 per month

Custom Assistant Comptroller-General salary

Assistant Comptroller-General salary starting from N2,010,978 – N3,295,693

Custom Chief Superintendent salary

Chief Superintendent salary starting from N1,658,244 – N2,684,336 per month.

Custom Superintendent Salary

Superintendent Salary starting from N1,303,230 – N2,146,356

Custom Assistant Superintendent salary

Assistant Superintendent salary starting from N632,133 – N1,735,814.

The Nigeria Customs Service also offers an attractive housing and transport allowance, which can be calculated as a percentage of basic salary.


Finally, it should be noted that the salary structure of the Nigeria Customs Service is subject to periodic review by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Therefore, it is important to check the official website of the Nigeria Customs Service to ensure you have the most up-to-date salary scale information.

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