DSS Salary structure And Ranks

The Department of State Security (DSS) is one of the most important law enforcement and security agencies in Nigeria.

They must protect the interests of the citizens of the country from terrorist threats, threats from foreign governments, and other security threats.

For that purpose, their staff is well paid and held to high standards of service. To properly understand the DSS salary structure, let us look at its different ranks.

The DSS has a well-structured hierarchy that is divided into nine ranks.

DSS Ranks Structure

The highest ranking within the service is the Director General of State Security Service (DGSS), who is appointed by the President.

Below the DGSS, there is the Director of Security (DOS) and the Deputy Director of Security (DDS) who are part-time appointments and report to the DGSS.

The next rank is the Special Services Officer (SSO), who is the senior-most operational officer in the service.

The SSO is responsible for the overall operations, policy development, and management of the agency.

The SSO is followed by the Deputy Special Services Officer (DSSO) and the Assistant Special Services Officer (ASSO).

The ASO is responsible for coordination and oversight of the activities of the security personnel on the ground.

Below ASO, there are the Senior and Junior Officers.

The Senior Officers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the DSS, which include intelligence gathering, investigations, prevention, and response.

They all report to the DOS or DDS, depending on their rank.

The Junior Officers are in charge of the patrol and monitoring functions, and they also report directly to either the DOS or DDS.

DSS Salary structure

The salaries of the DSS personnel vary between the different ranks.

Generally, the higher the rank, the higher the salary as they are granted additional responsibilities and power.

The DGSS earns the highest salary in the service, followed by the DOS and DDS.

The SSO and DSSO earn substantially more money than the ASO and other junior officers who, as mentioned, are responsible for the operational functions on the ground.

DSS Salary based on Ranks

Ranks Salary
Director General of State Security Service (DGSS) N1.3 million
Director of Security (DOS) 950,000
Deputy Director of Security (DDS) 875,000
Special Services Officer 650,000
Deputy Special Services Officer (DSSO) 520,00/
Assistant Special Services Officer (ASSO) 487,000

DSS salary for Graduate

DSS salary with Diploma

DSS Ranks with Diploma is Sergeant Major and salary is N62,200

DSS salary with Degree

DSS Ranks with Degree Is Cadet Inspector and salary is N73,000


The DSS salary structure is very important in ensuring that the person receives fair compensation for their services in protecting the interests of the country.

It is also important in encouraging the personnel to perform their duties to the best of their abilities and to remain loyal to the service.

This salary structure can serve as a model for other law enforcement and security agencies in the Country

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