Interpol Salary Structure In Nigeria

The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) is an international organization that facilitates global police cooperation and enables police in member countries across the world to access and share vital information in the fight against crime and terrorism.

With its Central Bureau in Nigeria, INTERPOL works to ensure law enforcement cooperation, the exchange of information and resources between countries, and a secure flow of communications among law enforcement.

Salaries of staff at INTERPOL have been a highly confidential matter and not available to the public.

However, salaries of INTERPOL Nigeria staff members have been recently released and they show that INTERPOL Nigeria employees receive substantial salaries compared to other Nigerian institutions.

Interpol salary structure in Nigeria

According to the released figures, salaries of INTERPOL Nigeria staff members range between N150,000 and N1,000,000 per month on the low end and can top up to N7,505,600 for directors and higher-level managers.

This is significantly higher than wages in many public and private sector Nigerian institutions and organizations, thus providing an incentive for qualified personnel to join the organization.

Interpol allowances

INTERPOL Nigeria also provides additional benefits such as generous vacation leave, medical coverage, housing allowance, and transport allowance.

The organization encourages professional development among its staff and offers multiple opportunities for promotion.


INTERPOL Nigeria is committed to improving the security environment of Nigeria and addressing national and global security challenges.

It provides a platform for establishing close cooperation and communication between law enforcement of various countries in the world and offers comprehensive technical services, capacity building, and advanced technologies to law enforcement agencies in Nigeria.

For those looking to join INTERPOL Nigeria, the salary and other benefits should be taken into consideration.

With the competitive salary that INTERPOL Nigeria provides, it is well worth the effort to apply and be a part of an international security organization that is committed to making the world a safer place.

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