Kano State Salary And Wages

Kano State is known as the “Center of Commerce” in Africa, and its vibrant economic landscape makes it a popular destination for job seekers.

As such, the salaries and wages of Kano State depend on the particular industry, job position, and qualifications of the individual.

In this article, we will discuss the Kano state salary structure and the average wages associated with various job positions.

Kano State’s main source of income is from its taxation system, with varying rates for different professions.

Professionals in the fields of law, finance, engineering, and medical services often earn more than those in the retail and hospitality sectors.

Salaries also vary with the amount of experience and qualifications that an individual has.

Basic Salary in Kano State

The base salary of a professional in Kano State typically ranges between NGN28,000 and NGN27,000 per month.

In the public sector, the minimum salary for senior civil servants is NGN25,400, while junior civil servants earn a minimum of NGN18,400.

The salary structure of the State also varies according to job level, with state-level officials earning more than any other salary grade.

Kano state Wages

In terms of wages, the average hourly wage in Kano State ranges from NGN158 in the retail sector to NGN256 in the healthcare sector.

Wages also vary depending on experience and qualifications. For example, experienced medical practitioners can earn NGN400 to NGN500 per hour, while skilled laborers typically earn between NGN85 and NGN115 per hour.


Kano State is a great place for job seekers from all sectors, and its competitive salary structure offers great opportunities for growth and financial security.

With its commitment to equitable pay and attractive wages, Kano State offers plenty of opportunities for those looking to work and live in an area with socio-economic stability.

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