Teachers’ Salaries in Ondo State

Teaching is a noble profession that plays a crucial role in shaping the future of our society.

However, one aspect that often raises questions and concerns among educators is their salaries.

In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of teachers’ salaries in Ondo State, providing an in-depth overview of the different levels and pay scales.

Let’s explore the salary structure in Ondo State and gain a better understanding of what teachers can expect.

Teachers’ Salaries in Ondo State

• Level NCE (Nigeria Certificate in Education)

  • Entry Level: N30,000 – N45,000 per month
  • Experienced Level (after 10 years): N40,000 – N55,000 per month

• Level B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)

  • Entry Level: N50,000 – N70,000 per month
  • Experienced Level (after 10 years): N60,000 – N90,000 per month

• Level PGDE (Postgraduate Diploma in Education)

  • Entry Level: N70,000 – N90,000 per month
  • Experienced Level (after 10 years): N80,000 – N110,000 per month

• Level M.Ed (Master of Education)

  • Entry Level: N80,000 – N100,000 per month
  • Experienced Level (after 10 years): N90,000 – N120,000 per month


How often are teachers’ salaries paid in Ondo State?

In Ondo State, teachers’ salaries are typically paid on a monthly basis. The payment is usually made directly into the teachers’ bank accounts.

Are there any additional allowances or benefits for teachers in Ondo State?

Yes, apart from the basic salaries, teachers in Ondo State may be entitled to various allowances such as housing allowance, transport allowance, and leave allowances, depending on their level and the specific policies of the state government.

How do teachers’ salaries in Ondo State compare to other states in Nigeria?

The salary structure for teachers can vary across different states in Nigeria. While Ondo State provides competitive salaries for its teachers, it is always advisable to compare the salary structure with other states before making any conclusive statements.

Do teachers receive regular salary increments in Ondo State?

Yes, teachers in Ondo State can expect periodic salary increments based on their years of experience, qualifications, and performance. The specific criteria and intervals for these increments may be subject to government policies and negotiations with relevant teacher associations.

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