NIMASA Salary structure

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) plays a crucial role in the maritime industry, ensuring safety, security, and regulatory compliance. Many individuals aspire to work in NIMASA and are curious about its salary structure.

In this blog post, we will provide you with an guide to NIMASA’s salary structure, including detailed information about ranks and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Whether you are considering a career in NIMASA or seeking information about its salary system, keep reading to find all the answers you need.

Introduction to NIMASA

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) is the apex regulatory and promotional maritime agency in Nigeria. It is responsible for regulating shipping activities, ensuring maritime safety, promoting indigenous shipping, and enforcing international maritime conventions.

NIMASA Salary Structure: Ranks and Levels

NIMASA has a well-defined salary structure based on ranks and levels. The ranks in NIMASA, from the highest to the lowest, include:

  • Director-General
  • Executive Directors
  • General Managers
  • Assistant Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Managers
  • Assistant Managers
  • Officers

• Entry-Level Salary – NIMASA pays an average of N100,000 to ₦150,000 per month which ranges between N1.2 million to N1.8 million in a year.

• Grade Level 7 (step 1) – NIMASA grade 7 level staff are paid an average salary of N90,000 in a month, which sums up to over a million naira in a year.

• Grade Level 8 (step 1) – NIMASA pays its grade level, 8 staff, up to ₦103,988 monthly summing up to about ₦1,247,854 in a year.

How is the NIMASA Salary Calculated?

The salary structure in NIMASA is determined by the Consolidated Para-Military Salary Structure (CONPASS). The salary is calculated based on various components, including the basic salary, allowances, and benefits. Allowances such as housing, transport, medical, and other fringe benefits contribute to the comprehensive compensation package.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

a. What are the different ranks in NIMASA?

NIMASA comprises ranks such as Director-General, Executive Directors, General Managers, Assistant Directors, Senior Managers, Managers, Assistant Managers, and Officers.

b. How often do salary increments occur in NIMASA?

Salary increments in NIMASA can occur periodically, typically based on government policies, performance evaluations, and budgetary provisions. Increments may also happen when an employee is promoted to a higher rank.

c. Are there any additional allowances or benefits in NIMASA?

Yes, NIMASA provides various allowances, including housing allowance, transport allowance, medical allowance, leave allowances, and other benefits to support the welfare and well-being of its employees.

d. Does NIMASA offer pension and health insurance schemes?

NIMASA provides pension schemes for its employees, ensuring a secure future after retirement. Health insurance coverage is also offered to employees to address their medical needs.

e. Is the NIMASA salary structure subject to change?

The NIMASA salary structure may be subject to periodic changes based on government policies, economic conditions, and organizational requirements. It is important to stay updated with the latest information.

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