Rivers State Teachers Recruitment 2012: How to Apply

In 2012, the Rivers State Government initiated a recruitment drive to hire qualified teachers to meet the growing educational needs of the state.

In This article we aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to apply for the Rivers State Teachers Recruitment in 2012.

Overview of the Rivers State Teachers Recruitment 2012

The Rivers State Teachers Recruitment 2012 was a significant initiative by the government to improve the quality of education in the state.

The recruitment aimed to bring in skilled and passionate educators to fill teaching positions in various schools across Rivers State. With this recruitment drive, the government intended to provide quality education and improve the overall academic performance of students.

How to Apply for the Rivers State Teachers Recruitment 2012

If you aspire to become a teacher in Rivers State and missed the opportunity in 2012, the application process would typically involve the following steps:

  • Fill out the online application form with accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Upload the required documents as specified in the application guidelines.

  • Double-check all the information provided before submitting the application.

  • If your application meets the initial screening criteria, you will be invited to participate in a written examination.

  • Prepare for the examination by reviewing the relevant subjects and syllabus.

  • Adhere to the examination guidelines and ensure you arrive at the specified venue on time.

  • Shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview and further screening processes, which may include verification of documents, teaching demonstrations, and assessment of teaching skills.

  • Dress professionally, bring all necessary documents and teaching aids, and prepare for potential questions and scenarios.

  • After the interview and screening process, successful candidates will receive an offer of appointment from the Rivers State Government.

  • Follow the instructions provided by the government regarding acceptance, documentation, and joining procedures.

  • Join the assigned school or institution within the specified timeline.


What are the eligibility criteria for the Rivers State Teachers Recruitment 2012?

The eligibility criteria varied depending on the specific teaching positions. However, common requirements included possessing the relevant educational qualifications, such as a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in education or the related subject matter, along with certifications from recognized institutions.

Can non-indigenes of Rivers State apply for the recruitment?

Yes, the Rivers State Teachers Recruitment in 2012 was open to both indigenes and non-indigenes, provided they met the eligibility criteria and possessed the necessary qualifications.

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