UNN Cut Off Mark

UNN Cut off Mark: The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) is one of the country’s most prestigious tertiary institutions and has consistently challenged its students with high academic standards.

As part of this, UNN operates a competitive admission process based on meeting set cut-off marks for their various courses.

Applicants to UNN must meet the UNN cut-off mark for their respective courses to be considered for admission.

Unn Cut off mark

For applicants applying to the undergraduate programs at UNN, the cut-off marks range from 200 to 272 depending on the course and merit of the applicant.

Applicants to the Medicine and Surgery, Law and Engineering courses must meet a cut-off mark of 272 while those applying to the Education courses must meet marks of 250.

In addition to the general cut-off marks, the university has set subject-specific cut-off marks that applicants must meet to be considered for the particular course.

UNN Post-Graduate

The Postgraduate School of the university also operates a restrictive selection process with all applicants expected to meet set cut-off marks for various programs.

Depending on the selected course, applicants must meet a UNN cut-off mark ranging from a minimum of 55 for Medicine and Surgery to a maximum of 95 for Accounting & Finance among other courses.

Additionally, for programs such as Ph.D. Pharmacology and Ph.DIn. In Veterinary Medicine, applicants must achieve a UNN cut-off mark of 100 to be admitted.


Overall, UNN seeks to promote academic excellence by maintaining a certain standard of cut-off marks for all its courses. In the spirit of fairness, the university reserves the right to review these cut-off marks in line with the overall profile of the applicants and their merit. Consequently, all prospective students of UNN are encouraged to work hard and consistently aim for higher grades to meet the UNN cut-off mark for their preferred courses.

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