Chelsea Players’ Salaries

Chelsea Football Club, one of the powerhouses in English football, boasts a rich history and an impressive roster of players.

The club has attracted top talent from all over the world, leading to numerous successes on domestic and international stages.

In this article, we delve into the salaries, careers, and names of Chelsea players, shedding light on their accomplishments both on and off the pitch.

Chelsea Players’ Salaries

  1. N’Golo Kanté
  • Salary per month: £290,000
  • Salary per year: £3,480,000
  1. Romelu Lukaku
  • Salary per month: £345,000
  • Salary per year: £4,140,000
  1. Timo Werner
  • Salary per month: £200,000
  • Salary per year: £2,400,000
  1. Mason Mount
  • Salary per month: £160,000
  • Salary per year: £1,920,000
  1. Edouard Mendy
  • Salary per month: £150,000
  • Salary per year: £1,800,000

Chelsea Players’ Careers and Names

• N’Golo Kanté

  • Career: The French midfielder joined Chelsea in 2016 from Leicester City. Known for his incredible work rate and ball-winning ability, Kanté has been a crucial part of the Blues’ success.

He has won multiple domestic and international titles, including the Premier League and the FIFA World Cup with the French national team.

• Romelu Lukaku

  • Career: Lukaku rejoined Chelsea in 2021 after successful stints at Everton and Inter Milan. The Belgian striker is renowned for his strength, clinical finishing, and ability to hold up play.

Lukaku has been a consistent goal-scorer throughout his career and has represented top clubs such as Manchester United and Inter Milan.

• Timo Werner

  • Career: The German forward joined Chelsea in 2020 from RB Leipzig. Werner is known for his blistering pace and versatility in the attacking positions.

Prior to Chelsea, he had a remarkable career at RB Leipzig, scoring consistently and helping the team achieve new heights in the Bundesliga and the UEFA Champions League.

• Mason Mount

  • Career: Mount is a product of Chelsea’s youth academy and has risen through the ranks to become a key figure in the team.

The English midfielder is known for his technical skills, vision, and versatility. Mount has represented England at various levels and has been instrumental in Chelsea’s recent successes.

• Edouard Mendy

  • Career: Mendy joined Chelsea in 2020 from Rennes. The Senegalese goalkeeper quickly established himself as the first-choice keeper for the Blues.

Known for his shot-stopping ability and commanding presence in goal, Mendy played a crucial role in Chelsea’s 2020-21 UEFA Champions League triumph.


Who is the highest-paid player at Chelsea?

As of the latest available information, Romelu Lukaku is currently the highest-paid player at Chelsea.

How much does Mason Mount earn at Chelsea?

Mason Mount reportedly earns approximately £160,000 per month at Chelsea.

Is N’Golo Kanté one of the highest-paid players at Chelsea?

Yes, N’Golo Kanté is considered one of the highest-paid players at Chelsea, earning around £290,000 per month.

Which Chelsea player joined from Rennes?

Edouard Mendy joined Chelsea from Rennes, the French Ligue 1 club, in 2020.

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