List of Biafra State and Capital [ Updated ]

Biafra is a term that refers to a secessionist state that existed in Nigeria from 1967 to 1970.

The Biafran state was declared by the then-Eastern Region of Nigeria, led by Lt. Colonel Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, who declared independence from Nigeria in May 1967.

This led to a civil war between the Nigerian federal government and the secessionist state, which lasted until January 1970 when Biafra surrendered.

The Biafran state was largely made up of Igbo people, who were the dominant ethnic group in the Eastern Region of Nigeria.

The conflict that led to the secession was largely due to political, economic, and ethnic tensions between the Igbo people and the Nigerian federal government.

The conflict resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1-3 million people, mostly from famine and disease caused by the war.

Currently, there is no officially recognized state or region in Nigeria called Biafra.

However, the call for secession by some groups in the region continues to be a source of tension in the country.

List of Biafra state

  1. Agbor
  2. Asaba
  3. Aba
  4. Owerri
  5. Umuahia
  6. Orlu
  7. Ikot Ekpene
  8. Uyo
  9. Eket
  10. Ogoja
  11. Calabar
  12. Enugu
  13. Oji-river
  14. Akwa
  15. Onitsha
  16. Nnewi
  17. Okigwe
  18. Annang
  19. Abakaliki
  20. Yenegoa
  21. Warri
  22. Ahoada
  23. Ugheli
  24. Degema
  25. Port Harcourt (Igewocha)


Is Edo State among Biafra?

Yes, Edo State according to rumors, Edo will be part of the Biafra States.

How many states are Biafra?

Biafra has a total of 25 States, which includes some 98% of south-south states and popular towns.

When will Biafra be declared

There are no official dates yet, but the people of Biafra believe it will happen soon.

Does Biafra still exist

Yes, it exists for a long before and it will continue to exist.

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