5 Strong Names in NBM

5 strong names in NBM: NBM Stand for neo-black Movement.

NBM is well known across African countries as one of the strongest social cultist groups in Africa.

NBM members include some top musicians politicians and others.

If you are here to know the list of the strong name’s in NBM, read this article to the end.

Before the names of strong NBM members, let me inform you about the leader of the strongest cult group neo-black Movement NBM.

Who is the Leader of NBM

The leadership of the Neo-black Movement NBM is under Felix Kupa.

Full meaning of NBM

NBM means Neo-black Movement.

10 strong names in NBM

1. Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a former South African president and activist.

He was thSoutSouth Africanican president from 1994 to 1998. Mandala is one of the strongest NBM members.

2. Idris Aloma

Idris Alooma was the former king Kanem-Bornu Empire, located mainly in Chad, Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria. His name is more properly written Idris Alawma or Idris Alauma.

Idris is remembered for his military skills,
administrative reforms, and Islamic piety. His feats are
mainly known through his chronicler Ahmad bin Fartuwa.

3. Martin’s Luther

Martin Luther was an American Baptist minister and
activist, one of the most prominent leaders in the civil
rights movement from 1955 until his assassination in 1968. An African-American church leader and a son of early civil rights activist and minister Martin Luther King Sr.

4. Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta was a Berber Maghrebi scholar and explorer who traveled extensively in the lands of Afro-Eurasia, largely in the Muslim world.

He traveled more than any other explorer in pre-modern history, totaling around 117,000 km (73,000 mi), surpassing Zheng He with about 50,000 km
(31,000 mi) and Marco Polo with 24,000 km (15,000 mi).

5. Jaja Jawara

Jaja Jawara was a Gambian politician who served as
Prime Minister from 1962 to 1970, and then as the first
President of the Gambia from 1970 to 1994.

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