the New Salary Scale in Nigeria 2019

The Nigerian economy has experienced significant changes in recent years, with various sectors undergoing reforms. One such notable change was the introduction of a new salary scale in Nigeria in 2019.

In This blog article aims to provide a detailed analysis of the new salary scale, its implications,

the New Salary Scale in Nigeria 2019

• Background and Purpose

The Nigerian government introduced the new salary scale in 2019 to address various issues, such as wage disparity, the rising cost of living, and the need to attract and retain skilled professionals in public service.

The new scale aimed to provide a fair and equitable remuneration system across different sectors, taking into account job roles, qualifications, and experience.

• Key Features and Implementation

The new salary scale introduced a revised salary structure, outlining the minimum wage for different levels of employment. It encompassed various sectors, including civil service, healthcare, education, and public service.

The implementation of the new scale involved negotiations between the government, trade unions, and relevant stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition and fair compensation.

• Implications and Benefits

The introduction of the new salary scale in Nigeria had several implications and benefits. Firstly, it aimed to improve the standard of living for employees by ensuring a reasonable income that aligns with the cost of living.

This, in turn, enhanced employee morale and productivity. Additionally, the new scale helped to address income inequality by reducing wage disparities among different job levels and sectors.


What was the minimum wage before the introduction of the new salary scale in Nigeria 2019?

The minimum wage before the introduction of the new salary scale was ₦18,000 per month.

How does the new salary scale affect public servants in Nigeria?

The new salary scale positively impacts public servants, ensuring fair compensation, reducing wage disparity, and improving employee morale.

Did the new salary scale affect the private sector as well?

The new salary scale primarily focused on public service, but it had a ripple effect on the private sector, as it influenced wage standards and employee expectations.

Are there any provisions for periodic reviews of the new salary scale?

Yes, the new salary scale includes provisions for periodic reviews to address inflation, changes in the cost of living, and ensure the scale remains relevant and fair over time.

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